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Why i’m a doer that loves to dream!

Much of my life I considered to be a “dreamer”, but all my daily actions showed that i was a “doer”.

However, I’ve noticed that I am a great “doer” in tasks for third parties, whether in the context of projects for clients or to support colleagues, friends and family.

Which brings me to the beginning of this text, I've always considered myself a “dreamer” because in reality I am a “dreamer” for what I intend to have or be in the present and future but have done little as a “doer” on that matter.

 When I’ve become aware of this, I was shocked, frustrated, but at the same time, using my “doer” qualities, quickly left this state.

WHY? Because it’s in my hands to change this behavior.

The 5 points to change any behavior are:

  • Having the clear reasons (Why)
  • Setting goals (Outcome)
  • Measuring progress (Know What, Correct, Adjust)
  • Being awarded for this progress (Celebrate, Give Fuel to your Motivation)
  • Resilience (Massive Consistent Action)

In April of 2016, i went to the Unleash the Power Within by Tony Robbins and it was 4 days of extreme energy, insight and desire to achieve all my goals.

However, and although we are given tools to continue to improve as a person and continue the process begun at the event, after three months I ended up back to previous habits.

It is normal to return to previous habits but it’s important to be aware of this change and act upon it.

After meditating on the reasons for returning to previous habits, I've noticed that even using the “5 points to change any behavior”, I forgot that what feeds any transformation process, personal or an organization, is how you measure progress and adjust it based on that data.

I have failed myself

Luckily, or maybe after a lot of research, I found a framework that has proven to be extremely useful and simple to use, The Five Minute Journal.


The framework consists of two parts:

The Morning Routine

  • What are the three things That You Can Be grateful for today?
  • What would make great today?
  • Daily Affirmations. I am …
It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief — Muhammad Ali

The Night Routine

  • What are the three amazing things that happened during your day?
  • How could i have made today even better?
Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious — Thomas Edison

With this framework has been easy to measure progress, the ritual to fill the Journal is itself a change in behavior, adjust and achieve the goals outlined by me.


This journey will lead me to become the doer of my dreams, i will keep you updated.