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5 Essential Components to Build an Effective New Habit

21 days to form a habit? Bullshit!


Neuroscience and behavioral economics, have helped identify the five essential components to build an effective new habit, they are:

1 — A Reason = Make a Vow

2 — A Trigger

3 — A Micro-Habit = Be Short & Specific

4 — Effective Practice

5 — Have a Plan

Make a Vow

Think of what this habit will do for others and less what will do for you.

If you spend to much time imagine the outcome, your’re less motivated to actually to the work to get there

Find your Trigger

Be specific of what is provoking the behavior that you want to change

Be Short & Specific

Don’t do it an abstract an slightly vague way and if it takes too long to do your brain will find a way to hack your intentions.

Instead define a micro-habit that needs to take less than sixty seconds to complete and continue to add micro-habits till you reach the bigger habit.

Effective Practice

Use the “Deep Practice” technique that has three components:

1-Practice small chunks of the bigger action, example: instead of practice the whole tennis serve, just practice tossing the ball up

2- Repetition, Repetition and Repetition. Do it fast, do it slow, do it differently, but keep repeating the action.

3- Be present and notice when it goes well and when it does, celebrate the success.

Have a Plan

When you stumble, and everyone does stumbles, it’s easy to give up, in that moment it’s important to have a plan to Get Back on Track.

This will be the way for you to make your habit a resilient system